First blog post

My name is Renetta Fake and this is my first attempt at a professional-ish blog!  Never want to be an expert and all that 🙂

I am a single Mother of 5 grown up children and a Nanny to one .  I have somehow managed to get myself an education and am able to call myself a professional!

My real passion is for learning and sharing that learning with others.  Gee the mistakes I might not have made had I known at the start of my parenting career what I have since learned in my professional one!

I like to keep things real, life isn’t perfect and neither are we, so my aim is to set up a group meeting (E17 to start but then who knows maybe the world!) for parents where we can share the things we get right, the stuff we consider wrong and then to throw ideas and suggestions in the pot to see if any of it is useful to us! I’d like to call it Parents Like Us and invite others with professional trainings to come share their knowledge with us too!  I am a qualified Counsellor and a Clinical Supervisor and a Parent-Child Attachment Specialist and an author of an upcoming book…..but mainly I am a human with the luck and frivolity of liking courses and people and a passion for people and relationships.

The book I’d like to write is an informational tool for parents to be….along with the group I would like to gather those things that we, as parents, wish we had been told and then print the things so that those that join the parent tribe after us have the blessing of hard earned knowledge that comes from those who have experienced the journey of parenthood before them!

Of course my aim is to feed myself but hopefully I’ll be able to earn some pennies from facilitating the group and from my other professional activities.  This group is more for fun, because I think there is a lot of fun to be had as a parent but sometimes the time and financial constraints placed on us makes that hard to remember!

I will be sharing some of my experiences, thoughts, ideas and feelings on this weekly blog (I’ll aim for weekly!) and I hope that you will get something of value from my writings 🙂