Seeds and other stuff

I could write essays to share the knowledge I have gained through courses, books and people I have met including my own children and Grandson.  Experiences I have gained in the University of life are more alive when shared through face to face meetings though.  I am NOT an academic, though I could be if I could be bothered, writing academically is tiring to me but doing it, speaking it and answering questions I have to consider are not at all tiring.  In fact I feel fired up by the connections with others that my mind makes.

I strongly believe we all have something to teach and something to learn and I would love to start a support group for parents with a therapeutic slant that uses all the tools I have gathered as I fought my way through courses and life.

I like to think I am good at sharing seeds but that others grow things for themselves just as I did by talking to people who interested me, reading books that spoke to me and listening to others tell their interesting tales about themselves.  I have grown through sharing and have been given seeds that I have grown for myself but I have flowered and have many seeds to share.

I need to eat, which is a pain because I also need to do that on a daily basis otherwise I get well grumpy!  I am hoping to be able to charge minimum for the groups to allow everyone to access them.

I am running a workshop for intro to therapeutic play

Why not come along and meet me, have a chat and see what we could learn together 🙂