Playfully making memories

This morning I set out the paper and the paints with paintbrushes for my Grandson to do some creating.  I had promised him we would do some painting but yesterday we were busy swimming and visiting his Grandma (Great Grandmother).  I knew there would be a mess but this aspect of painting always seems much bigger in my mind I am sure 🙂

Tyler enjoyed making marks on the paper but also watching the water, used to clean the brushes, change to different colours.  He showed his Mum and I every time the colour changed. We marvelled

at his use of the colours and both focussed our attention where his was, what great attachment play and all before breakfast!

We have pictures on our phones and in our minds and these are the times that precious memories are made with only an hour’s worth of attention and time taken.  Of course his Mum and I had to have a go too, but Tyler enjoyed instructing us as to where we could paint on his paper and which colours we could use.

I now have a masterpiece hung above my front door and a fun memory to cherish 🙂