Thinking about being playful as Parents and Carers

One of my most proud-making achievements, I feel, is my ability to be playful with my children before they grew up.  We have amazing memories of doing playful stuff and it highlights for me the powerful connections that were made through play.

As a Counsellor I watch children use their play to explore and express their feelings and thoughts about events in their lives that can often be life-changing and traumatic. I watch young people blossom and move from struggling to survive towards thriving and spreading their own personal wings and flying forward to become the people they want to be.

My experiences as a Parent have fired my passions and I would love to share the gift of being playful with everyone!  As a single parent myself, having brought up 5 children, I know that life is busy and that bills have to be paid but trust me, investing just a bit of time for play with your children can make huge differences to whether they thrive or struggle in every aspect of their lives even through to adulthood.

I could spout lots of references and be academic about this, there is research and statistics that back up what I say but I believe that experiencing it will be evidence enough 🙂

I love gathering tools and sharing them and am hoping to start a parenting group that gives the kind of support that helps others thrive and spread their wings to fly towards the images they had of family and themselves as parents.  The magic of attachment has to be felt to be believed….re-discovering the power of play (JOYFULNESS) or finding it for the first time can feel alien as we are told from a very young age that playing is for kids….and so it is but it is for adults too!

So if you live close to Walthamstow, why not come along to my coffee morning and find out if you would like to be a part of such a parenting group, we all have something to learn and something to teach and I feel I could facilitate a group that would see everyone growing up and out in playful and healthy ways 🙂coffee_morning_parents_like_usPLUlogo