Parents Like Us

Sometimes realising that I have finally become a professional who has gathered many ideas and learned the real fun of parenting and then my children when and got all grown up…is a tad frustrating!

My gift I suppose is that I got to use some of those tools I have gathered with my teens and I can pass them on to my children and other parents/carers/professionals too!

I am NOT perfect but perfectly imperfect and I always have been and if you are perfectly imperfect too with children/young people who are also perfectly imperfect then perhaps the parenting group I am trying to set up is for you!

Do you live near Walthamstow or don’t mind travelling to it?

Then why not come and grab yourself a cuppa and get discussing the kind of group you would find supportive/useful to you as a parent.

There is lots online and I could start a discussion page or some online stuff but I prefer the face to face stuff….so if you want somewhere to rant or to gather some ideas or just emotional support with moody teens or boundary setting with toddlers…..come have your say about how a Parents Like Us group will come into being!


The coffee mornings are free but there will be a cost of £5 per session for the group…..but cost and time and place etc are all up for negotiation at this stage.  Also I have no creche facilities but if you don’t come along we won’t know if we need to plan for them in the future!

If you really cannot drag yourself here for a coffee morning then why not send me your thoughts and suggestions via email :