The Parenting Tribe

Taking my Grandson for a very rare burger and chips in a well known burger joint, watching adults impatience as he does what most 4 year olds do, behaves like an energy filled child!  If I wanted a thing that looked pretty and sat still I would have taken a stuffed toy!

What comes easily as a Grandparent that was harder as a parent is the joy of watching youth spread their wings in ways that causes no harm to anyone but those who think children are to be seen and not heard STILL!!!

My Grandson is a buzzing ball of curiosity and he is fascinated by the strangers seated around him and what they are wearing and doing and saying.  He has no shame about interacting with those strangers that might well be friends if they were given half a chance, that is if we are brave enough to connect with them.  Being noisy may disturb someone’s conversation but he isn’t screaming just asking questions that he impulsively finds the need to ask….as adults are we really that different?  What would it be like to say hi to someone just because we can?  How strange is it that we sit in rooms full of people and avoid eye contact?  I think children just make us jealous because we would love to have their fearlessness as well as their energy for interaction.  What do you think?