First poo!

Sharing those things we wish we had been told before we became parents seems a difficult thing to do. So I thought I would start sharing and hope that people jump on board and share their thoughts and ideas too!
I am looking to publish our lists as part of a book I am writing for parents-to-be.
One of the things I wish I had been told before I became a parent is:
1. That new born babies first poop is black and like tar….I thought I had given birth to an alien and it took forever to clean it off my new shiny bundle of joy! That first poop is called meconium and apparently all mammalian babies pass this first. It is composed of materials ingested during the time the infant spends in the uterus: intestinal epithelial cells, lanugo, mucus, amniotic fluid, bile, and water. It isn’t a sign of the coming of an alien species or something to get panicked about….but I didn’t know that!
I have more, much more and will be sharing more on a weekly basis. Can you name 10 things you learned after you became a parent that could have helped or supported you more had you known it (been told it) before? If you would like to share you can do so by emailing to